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02:49pm 17/03/2003
mood: amused
i haven't writen in here for ever. so i am going to have this journal be my deep dark side journal and my other journal(after_image) be my normal self. so this from now on will be friends only. if you are interested in this comment and i will maybe add you. thank you and good day.

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08:53pm 22/06/2002
  i made a new lj. its iluvamagneticgod just if you wanted it.  

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07:22pm 22/06/2002

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have i told you lately that i love you?   
08:07pm 21/06/2002
mood: melancholy
i was looking over old journal entries and i would just like to state for the record that victor is a much better person that carl. carl is shit compared to victor. and i am jelous of krys cuz she gets to work with my guy righ tnow. *sniffle* i miss him.

now that the world isnt ending
it is my love that i am sending to you
its not the love of a hero
that's why i fear it wont do

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dont go breaking my heart...   
03:37pm 21/06/2002
mood: loved
so i am over everything right now. and victor and i are now an item. he is wonderful, great, hot, and the sweetest thing ever. it is weird to be ina realtionship with someone who i actually really really like. it started the other night. and he kept saying cute things like he fell in love with me the first time he saw me. i dont really want to go over all the details right now though. now i am in concord and i miss him and his kisses. i think i may write him another poem, for some reason he actually likes them. i heart him so much.

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look out mr. hitler...   
11:08am 10/06/2002
mood: devious

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this weekend was interesting. the thing with carl didnt work out. he foregot that he was flying to san diego for a week sunday morning. but i should be happy because this is his first time on a airplane. whatever. i hung up on him. so jonny and i went and saw star wars. we had fun. richard asked me to go out with him on my 18th birthday. scary. apparently chris likes me now but since he is too old, is bitter about it. when i made the comment that mikes brother jacob was hot he got really mad and said he was too old for me. i love how other people can decide whos too old for me. fuck being 18. if i want a guy who is over 18 i cant?! i hate rules. that pisses me off so much. now i only want guys over 18. on a better note we(me, annette, mike, and jacob.) are going to start playing frisbee golf after taco bell closes at 12:30am in the parking lot on friday and saturday nights. maybe i can have "personal lessons" with jacob. tyty just gave me a massage. it was very orgasmic. i want a man with a nice penis. i want my mr. self destruct.

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to be free one must give up a little part of himself...   
11:44am 07/06/2002
mood: nauseated
today is friday. the weekend is almost here. school has 3 more days to live. i am so sick of it and everything it stands for. soon it will be over. the only good thing is i got my yearbook and come to find out my friends are great. but i have to work tonight, but it wont be too bad. i need to get so many things done, but hopefully soon i will be getting my license. and i want to buy the lord of the rings role playing game. next wensday we are gonna have fun. i bought a excersize bellydancing video and it is quite fun. unfourtanitly, though, i have been feeling kind of sick and forlorn lately. but oh well, i guess. i have renewd the cute kid in my german class faith in hetrosexualality. at least i was able to do that for someone. i want to have sex with that kid, but mostly with my carl. sunday i will go to the movies with carl. i hope it all works out okay and we have sex in the back of the movie theater.

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misunderstanding didnt understand   
10:26am 31/05/2002
mood: dirty
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im at school. today is spring activities day. i look all elf like. maybe for once i actually look pretty. hehe. soon i get to go frolic in the grass and read tarot to people. my shirt is really low cut and you can see most of my tits. stupid jeff seems to appreaciate the top. we did casting for lotr like complete nerds, and i am arwen. but yeah i have been so unbelieveably horny lately. i need to be tied up and whipped. "would you fuck me? i'd fuck me. i'd fuck me so hard."-silence of the lambs.

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ill see you on the dark side of the moon   
10:42am 17/05/2002
mood: flirty

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i love carl. random internet people are scary.

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lemme take a ride...please myself   
11:40am 15/05/2002
mood: aggravated
reading the book "who killed kurt cobain?" has got me thinking once again. there is so much evidence against him commiting suicide. i hate stupid people so much. why can't they just all die? well at least tyty drew a pic of me with a good rack.that will probably be the highlight of my day. sad as that is. someone needs to clip my dirty wings...

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04:02pm 29/04/2002
mood: curious
it is sad but i am in love with carl agin. why do i do this to myself? it is horrible in every way. tina told me he was massivly flirting with me. he does it with everyone, but more so with me she said. i think she was just tryin to make me feel good. lol. she also sadi i should get someone to find out how he feels about me. i work with him friday and saturday so maybe good will come out of it, i dunno. sat9 testing started this week. it is stupid. but wensday we are going to go to panda express and go see lord of the rings instead of schoool. today i didnt go to german. and friday we arent going to sixth period and going to see spider man. i cant wait. it looks so good. today paul told me that many many girls at our school hate me. he thinks its really cool, cuz i blatently tell people i dont like them. meh. i think it is funny cuz all the guys are hella cool with me. haha. i got my jr. prom pix. i dont really like them but others seem too. i just did a internet tarot card reading for love and it said my past is the sun(bright wonderful things), my present is the devil(i am dealing with inner struggles i.e. timidness, confusion) and my future was the star (hope, good things, desired recieved). so its good times. maybe this thing for carl wont be a complete loss.

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08:27pm 25/04/2002
mood: indifferent
wonder boy wont you take me far away from the mucky muck man?

okay. to sum up things that happend in the past while...jr. prom was fun, incubus rocked and i got stoned with some of the greatest people in the world, richard thinks im hot, im insane, i am empty inside, but i love my friends especcially the guy ones. and im i need a man. oh jacob is hot and i got my james dean poster and my ears are gonna be stretched soon. not much has changed...lol. i think i will go now, swapin stories for sponge baths...

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i want to be pretty i know now that im forever dirt...   
02:42pm 28/03/2002
mood: anxious
today has been eventful. i went to the mall and got some brand new black chucks. they are so new and shiny. i also got some invader zim shoelaces. they are great and im a hippy. lol. i also got a jr. prom dress. it is all black and lacy with big sleeves and the neck ties and is like a corset. its hard to explain but its pretty. i like it. so i have everything except for a date. krys isnt home and i havent talked to her in about a day. im goin crazy.maybe i can rent movies later... hopefully tonight tyty will be on and i can tell him how i feel and ruin everything. oh well i think im gonna go put on my dress, pretend like im pretty and lay dramatically on the couch and sing the laura song from kids...

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and it reminded me that you're so worth the fight...   
11:44pm 27/03/2002
mood: groggy
i made it to grandmas safely. im talkin to tyty. and i have been for a while. but matt is over at his house and i dunno i feel kinda wierd about asking him then. maybe i am just trying to delay the moment. it is sad. today i went shopping for a jr prom dress and came up empty handed. we are prolly gonna go to hot topic tomorrow. they have a really cool dress i want on their web page. maybe ill get lucky and i will get a sweet dress. later this week i am prolly gonna go see lord of rings again. now it has previews for two towers. *drools* i am such a nerd even if tyty says im not. ive been online for like 3hrs waitng for krys to come online but alas it is all in vain.

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10:14pm 25/03/2002

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09:59pm 25/03/2002
mood: touched


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09:18pm 25/03/2002
mood: grumpy
you know what? you could be my crank slut..

so far my spring break has been work. but its coll cuz im makin money. friday i did go to the movies with chris and annette. it was fun even though resdient evil sucked alot. (merllot). work is entertaining with all of our sad little soap opera world we have at taco bell. chris wanted me to chill at work for 5 hrs so we could go see another movie together. hes an ass. but i do love him. he told me he loved me and he misses me. lol. i was supposed to go see e.t. with tyty tomorrow but i dont kno if thats gonna happen. when we went i was gonna ask him to jr. prom. but who the hell knos now. he is supposed to call me or something. ugh. i go to concord tomorrow. yay. but im tierd. i think im gonna dream about what i cant have and jhonen vasquez. (thank for the pic krys. *drools*)

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and the children of the moon were like a fork stuck on a spoon...   
06:14pm 12/03/2002
mood: cold
I wish I was beautiful.
Everyone one else is.
I want to sleep forever.

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03:37pm 10/03/2002
mood: complacent
come on feel the noise, come on girls rock your boys..

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whats scary is how damn accurate that quiz was. the last week was ok. i saw memnto. fantasic movie. and hedwig and the angry inch. excellent film. but other than that my week has basically me thinking of how much i "love" tyler and how fantasic he is. i want to show him but im afraid of the result. i am so happy being around him, just as friends. if there would be something more and i found he cared to, dude, ...i dont think i deserve to be that happy. heh. hes so beautiful.

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12:06am 24/02/2002
mood: blank

Which Weezer Song are You?

Which My Little Pony Are You?

hmmm....no one has come online....and i cant find any really good pix of stuart townsend...

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